Capacitor charging and discharging

Charging and discharging processes of a capacitor, active structure of the modeling

In the JPAKMA project that follows, you can click the "Show measurement only" button to see the voltage curve in a real experiment UC. when charging and discharging a capacitor. The measured values ​​were determined experimentally with a capacitor of capacitance C.=12,6 µ F. and the resistance R.=250kΩ.Follow the work orders one after the other!

Work order

1. Click on the button "Show measurement only"! Start the measurement playback of the real experiment by clicking the start button. What do you notice compared to the previous JPAKMA model? 2. Now you should complete the structure of effects in such a way that UC. can be output in the graph! To do this, click on "Model" in the JPAKMA project and "lock" the security lock at the top left in order to be able to change the operational structure. First click on the button "Effect arrow" on the left side of the JPAKMA project. Now you have to connect the variables that depend on each other with the action arrows, whereby you always start them by holding down the left mouse button at the green point of the symbols and end at the red point of the associated symbols. When the arrow turns green, you can release the mouse button. For a better overview, you can insert support points by right-clicking on the arrows. Then compare with solution 2 and improve if necessary! 3. By pressing the button "Show model calculation only" you can follow the voltage curve of the capacitor charging and capacitor discharging calculated with the model. What do you notice in comparison to the real experiment?

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