Chemical kinetics

We can see that some chemical reactions happen faster and others more slowly.

Not every chemical reaction happens at the same time. Some take hours, days, years. Others take a fraction of a second to occur.

Chemical reactions occur at different speeds, such as the process of food digestion that takes a few hours and an explosion that is instantaneous. Here are some chemical reactions:

- acid and a base is an instant reaction;
- rust formation, which takes years to form;
- dissolution of an effervescent tablet, which takes a few seconds;
- radioactive decay, which often takes billions of years;
- burning a candle, which takes a few hours;
- burning a matchstick, which takes a few seconds;
- rock formation, which takes a few million years.


Sometimes it is important to control these reactions by making them faster or slower.

THE chemical kinetics It is an area of ​​chemistry that studies the speed of chemical reactions and the factors that change this speed.