Basics of Kinetics

Simulation of reaction speed and activation energy

The following simulation shows how concentration profiles depend on the position of the energy of the educt, product and transition state.

An equilibrium is established in the course of the reaction. The equilibrium concentrations of educt and product depend on the activation energy of the forward and reverse reactions (E.a(there) and E.a(back)) away. Is considerably less activation energy required for the forward reaction than for the reverse reaction (E.a(there)E.a(back) ), an almost complete implementation takes place, i.e. the concentration b of the products approaches the initial concentration asymptotically a0 of the educts, while the educt concentration approaches 0. If, on the other hand, the activation energy for the forward reaction is significantly greater than for the reverse reaction (E.a(there)E.a(back)), then there is almost no implementation at all.

Video: Kinetics - Basics (December 2021).