Median statistics


In the median statistics, numerical values ​​- e.g. from a chronological order - are rearranged in such a way that a data table is created in which n+1Readings x are sorted according to size (order statistics):


If the number of values ​​is odd (n is an even natural number), the value in the middle is regarded as a characteristic value and referred to as the median or central value:


If there is an even number of in the table n Measured values:


the mean of the two neighboring mean values ​​is calculated (pseudomedian):


The median x˜ is a better measure of the most frequent value than the mean. This applies in all cases, but especially in the case of crooked or multi-peaked distributions.

Video: Zentralwert, Median, Wert in der Mitte, Statistik, Daten. Mathe by Daniel Jung (December 2021).