Hydrocarbons are the simplest function of Organic Chemistry. By knowing this function, you can easily assemble the other functions.

Hydrocarbons are of great importance to the chemical industry. Oil and natural gas are sources of hydrocarbons. It is the starting point for the production of fuels, plastics, dyes and many other products useful to man.

Hydrocarbons They are organic compounds formed exclusively by hydrogen and carbon. Therefore, the name hydrocarbon (hydro = H and carbide = C).

Its general formula is ÇxHy


Propane (C3H8): present in LPG cooking gas


Octane (C8H18): gasoline


Hydrocarbons break down according to their structure and type of carbon bonds. Hydrocarbon types are:

- alkanes
- alkenes
- alkynes
- alcadienos
- cycloalkanes
- cycloalkenes
- aromatic