Organic reactions

There are millions of organic substances in nature. The amount of chemical reactions that can occur with these substances is enormous. Some are predictable.

The most important organic reactions are as follows:
- addition reaction
- substitution reaction
- oxidation reaction
- elimination reaction

Addition Reaction

Addition reactions are those where an atom from an organic or inorganic substance is added to an organic substance.

It occurs in unsaturated hydrocarbons, such as alkenes and alkynes. They are characterized by the breaking of double and triple bonds.

In unsaturated hydrocarbons, the breakdown occurs at the weakest bond (π bond) and the formation of two new bonds (δ bonds) occurs.

The main addition reactions are:

- catalytic hydrogenation
- halogenation
- addition of HX
- addition of water
- addition to aromatic

We will study each one below.