How does sand turn into glass?

Glass materials are formed from the same raw material, silicon dioxide.

This oxide is found in the sand of rivers, beaches, deserts and rock formations.

When silicon dioxide is mixed with other raw materials, it gets preheated in the glass industry to eliminate water and carbon dioxide that are present in it.

After this process, the materials poured into special molds at temperatures above 1000 ° C. From the molds the molten material is molded by man himself or by machines.

According to the type of glass to be manufactured, different substances are added for making these glasses.

Sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate are used for tinted or tinted glass.

Ferrous oxide is used to obtain the glass of green color.

Boron trioxide for acid and water resistant glass. Also to the resistance of thermal shocks. Examples are Pyrex glasses.

Synthetic cellulose and safety glass resins are manufactured using two or more glass sheets welded together by cellulose derivatives or resins.