Daily Chemistry

Substances in our daily lives

Some substances are very present in our daily lives, but with different names from the official name. See some examples:

- caustic soda: sodium hydroxide

- table salt: sodium chloride

- naphthalene: naphthalene

- aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid

- milk of magnesia: magnesium hydroxide

- unlit lime, hydrated lime or extinct lime: calcium hydroxide

- quicklime or virgin lime: calcium oxide

- marble, limestone: calcium carbonate

- hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide

- ammonia: ammonium hydroxide

- carbon dioxide: carbon dioxide

- bar: sodium carbonate

- carbinol: methyl alcohol

- creoline: mix of cresols

- formaldehyde: metanal

- acetylene: ethino

- acetone: propanone

- ether: diethyl ether

- vinegar: acetic acid or ethane acid

- ethanol: ethyl alcohol