Gas Study Exercises

3. A gas canister cannot vary the volume of gas inside. If it is taken from an airy environment where the internal pressure is 3 atm and the temperature 15 ° C and is placed under the sun where the temperature is 35 ° C. Assuming the gas is ideal, what will be the pressure after transformation?

As the volume does not vary during the transformation, it is Isometric, being governed by:

But temperatures must be measured in absolute scale, ie:

Isolating the final pressure:

4. A perfect gas at 0 ° C and under pressure of one atmosphere occupies a volume of 22.4 liters. What would be the volume occupied by 5 moles of this gas at 100 ° C under the pressure of 1 atm?

Using the Clapeyron equation for both situations we can arrive at a system of equations:

Equating the equations:

The temperature must be passed to absolute scale so that there are no undetermined calculations: