Dynamics Questions

Centripetal force

(1) What centripetal force does a 600kg mass car achieve when traveling a 100m radius curve at a speed of 15m / s²?

(2) What should be the coefficient of static friction between the road and the tires so that the previous exercise car does not slip?


(1) What is the following system acceleration, with the plane's dynamic friction coefficient equal to 0.2?

Considering each block individually:

For 1st block:

For the 2nd block:


On the horizontal:

We can assemble a system of equations and add it:


(1) What is the work performed by a force of intensity 100N, forming an angle of 30 ° with the horizontal, when the body moves 1km horizontally?

(2) What is the work done by the following 0.5kg sphere:

(a) vertically:

(b) horizontally: