Analog-to-digital converter

Simulation of the weighing process

This simulation demonstrates the function of an AD converter based on the weighing method. It is an 8-bit AD converter that 28= 256 Can resolve states. A voltage range of 0-5V has been selected as an example. It turns out that in the worst case, exactly 8 steps, i.e. log2n It takes steps (n = states) until the correct value has been determined. This means that the weighing process is undoubtedly one of the fastest converting processes between analog and digital measured values. One speaks of the logarithmic running time of this procedure.

In the simulation, the analog voltage can be set either via the slide switch or via the input field within its limits. With the start button a measurement is started, with the step button you can go through the individual steps of the measurement manually. The diodes indicate whether or not current is flowing in the line.

Video: Μετατροπέας DAC - ifi nano iOne (December 2021).